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Similar to other sectors, construction is now seeing its own “Digital Revolution”, having previously benefited from only modest productivity improvements.

Building Information Modelling - BIM - is a synonym for forward-thinking in architecture, engineering, and construction. In fact, it's being adopted rapidly by different parts of the value chain as a strategic tool to deliver cost savings, productivity and operations efficiencies, improved infrastructure quality and better environmental performance.


This digital revolution requires significant adjustment by construction clients and the supply chain. As a BIM Service Provider, LIMSEN CONSULTING is able to help its partners achieving optimised results in a collaborative environment. 

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LIMSEN CONSULTING has at its core people with extensive experience providing architectural services. This background has been consistently put to test over the years while developing large-scale projects within BIM protocols, across multiple geographies.

Today we are able to bring innovative solutions to any design process, by using the latest digital tools, and we offer the possibility to thoroughly develop, analyse and manage the built environment prior to its construction.

Both the business case for adopting BIM and who are the beneficiaries of BIM implementation have been subject to intense research, and there is today evience-based literature that reflects on this topic. For that reason, our mission is not to further advocate the virtues implied in fully-digitalised and standardised workflows.

Most important, we are comitted to bridge the gap between owners // investors // occupiers // consultants and BIM, knowing from self-experience that the latter can unlock enormous value to the former.

By 2025, ful-scale digitalization…will lead to annual global cost savings of 13% to 21% in the design, engineering and construction phases and 10% to 17% in the operations

The Boston Consulting Group

CAD helps people to draw.

BIM helps people to construct

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Architects & Consultants are given the knowledge of BIM to leverage and compete in the AEC Industry

More than merely creating geometries, we deliver information/ performance-based digital data

We create model-based quantifications built upon any design input

We can act as BIM Coordinators between Consultants and Developers


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